【Summary】Fetish Berry (Chapter 13)


I’ll be starting summaries of Fetish Berry from where the scans leave off..!! You can read the previous chapters here and here.

Chinese scans of this chapter can be found here.

Fetuation 13: Rolling Girl

Preparations for the school cultural festival continue.

The class is going to do a cosplay cafe. It’s decided that Narita and Seki are to cosplay/be waiters. Seki refuses, saying he’s better off working out back. Narita disagrees and says Takaomi should show his face more. Girls in the class wonder what the two of them should wear and think that Narita and Seki will attract lots of girls. Mizuhara looks on, thinking somehow Taka-chan became a waiter, didn’t he.


There is a problem with budget as there are base costs to running a cafe. As such they’re trying to cut costs with costumes and one of the NariSeki trio, the one with glasses, from the previous chapter offers the prince and other similar costumes she has at home. Mizuhara tries to remember her name (can only think of Matsushita) and can’t seem to remember the names of the rest of the trio.

There is discussion between the girls about what the other classes will do, which quickly turns to talks about confessing. Mizuhara overhears and feels restless, looking towards the direction of Narita and Seki. She thinks, come to think of it, Taka-chan is quite popular with girls. She glances at Asahina, noticing that she is looking in that direction as well. Their eyes meet and Mizuhara waves. Asahina thinks that though there’s something particular about, it’s not unbecoming. That is, it’s not something like ‘watching the companionship between two male friends and liking it’.

Asahina messages Mizuhara that there are still things she hasn’t told Mizuhara in regards to her notebook and to let her explain next time. Mizuhara isn’t sure why the notebook is being brought up again and thinks it might be related to Matsushita and friends taking interest in Asahina’s notebook. Mizuhara thinks she’ll just wait for Asahina’s explanation.

Room change. Mizuhara and Asahina are both put in charge of costumes. Narita calls out to Mizuhara, telling them to come over and take their (Narita and Seki) measurements. Mizuhara makes a face and says that with that attitude, it’s fine if Narita’s costume doesn’t fit well. Narita calls her impertinent. An annoyed Mizuhara ignores him and starts to measure Seki instead. Tohno is looking in from outside, hidden behind the door.

Asahina records the measurements while Mizuhara measures. Seki’s chest measurement is 83. Seki blushes throughout, cursing Narita who’s smirking at him.

A tense Mizuhara prepares for battle because she’s about to take measurements for Narita. She measures him as fast as she can and only calls out numbers. Mizuhara is not okay. As she loses control, she thinks, my true nature that I should always concealed—! Cue lots of heavy breathing.


page 10:

(My true nature that I should always conceal—!)
Haa Haa male.. I can smell the scent of the male called Narita-kun haa haa
what is this what is this
The secretion from Narita-kun’s sweat gland…—

Narita chops Mizuhara on the head and she falls to the ground. She’s called scary by Narita while she starts to panic. She thinks about how she she just acted in a way she knew she shouldn’t have in front of Seki and Asahina. At the same time, Asahina is also breaking down because she’s gotten Seki and Narita’s measurements. Narita prods collapsed Mizuhara with a ruler(?), calling her hentai. Asahina is on the ground as well breathing heavily and Seki thinks, what’s with this crime scene.

Mizuhara lifts her head as Narita contines to prod her, asking her why she stopped wearing skirts. Mizuhara is surprised that he noticed such a thing. In response, he says it’s nothing and that it’s fine whether she wears them or not.She tries to explain why and he makes a noise in response. Narita says he realises that she has her reasons but thinks she suits skirts, even though he wasn’t used to seeing her wear them. Seki offers Mizuhara a hand to help her up, expression changing when he notices her blushing.

Mizuhara wonders just how stupid is she to be excited over words from Narita says nonchalantly. It’s for that reason she doesn’t want to hear those words because if it goes on like this… She goes into denial. Seki draws back and clenches his fist. His hand had gone unnoticed by Mizuhara. Mizuhara turns to Seki, apologising for reacting to her fetish and he tells her it’s fine. He leaves with the excuse that he has an errand to run for their teacher.

Tohno, who’s been outside this whole time, thinks she generally knows what’s going on now.

They’ve returned to their classroom. Tohno enters the classroom and greets Narita. Narita says she looks better and she replies, it’s probably thanks to Nao-kun. There’s murmuring around the class wondering who she is. Mizuhara is surprised at the use of 「Nao-kun」, as it suggests the two of them are close. Apparently, during middle school Tohno had a weak constitution and rarely went to school. It was also said that she was often with Narita and there were rumors they were dating. Mizuhara and Asahina are shocked (for diffferent reasons).

Tohno calls out Mizuhara’s name but approaches Asahina instead. She says Asahina is pretty and must be the cute friend of Nao-kun that she heard about from her friends. Mizuhara is frozen. Her friend corrects Tohno, who reacts like she’s disappointed. Tohno apologises for her mistake while Mizuhara thinks, I’m sorry for not being cute. Mizuhara continues to think about Narita and Tohno’s relationship even after Tohno leaves.

Tohno is with two from the NariTaka trio, who refer to Tohno as Suwako-sama, in the bathroom laughing about what they just did to Mizuhara. They thank Tohno for listening to their concerns. Somehow this leads to talk about how they may have been fated to be friends. Matsushita (Mizuhara got the names and faces wrong) confronts Tohno about her relationship with Narita. Tohno says they aren’t dating and that she wouldn’t listen to their troubles (Mizuhara’s relations with Narita and Seki, as well as the intention of Asahina, who denied the NariSeki pairing). Tohno says that she was close to Narita in middle school but any more that that she’ll leave it to fate. The other three follow up that they wouldn’t mind if it was Tohno (as opposed to Asahina and Mizuhara). Tohno voices her concerns that there is something off about the two, especially Mizuhara, and that it’d be best to separate her from Narita. She tearfully asks the trio to lend her a hand before leaving.

Tohno returns to the infirmary, tired. She mocks their use of 「Suwako-sama」and thinks if they observed a little they’d know what’s off about Mizuhara. Her thoughts turn to the relationship between the four (Mizuhara, Asahina, Narita and Seki) of them.

Flashback to when Tohno asked Narita if he knew a person called 「Mizuhara-san」. Tohno says that she doesn’t think Mizuhara is a bad person before warning Narita. It seems Mizuhara will pose as a danger to him so she tells him it’s better to stay away from Mizuhara. Narita laughs before apologising. He knows that Tohno has had this sort of intuition in the past too. Narita says he knows Mizuhara is strange but she’s a good person. He asks Tohno to come to their class sometime because she’ll definitely get along with Mizuhara. He continues to say that surprisingly, despite being a cry baby, Mizuhara works hard. Its because she works hard that Narita thinks he can’t lose to her. That’s why he started playing soccer again. Tohno can’t stop thinking about what he said (“That’s why you should come over too…”) and angrily thinks Mizuhara in her head.


The flashback ends due to the nurse calling out for her. Tohno stops her train of thought, she shouldn’t let the demons in her heart take over.

At the training committee she’s playing jenga with the club president. The club president notices something is wrong and asks what happend. Mizuhara tells the club president how she is more self-conscious of the fact she can’t win against Asahina than usual. Even if she wears make-up or changes her hairstyle, she doesn’t come close to Asahina. The fact she can only be herself is depressing. Club president says, isn’t the Mizuhara who tries her best is charming? She asks for who does she want to become Asahina. Mizuhara protests, arguing that she’s admired Asahina this whole time. She’s unable to settle her feelings, thinking what’ll come of it if she acknowledges that she cares for Narita.

“I dislike him. Someone like Narita. I dislike him.”

The club president understands, suggesting Mizuhara direct her feelings towards someone else, like Seki.

As she leaves school, Mizuhara realises that she has never heard stories of Seki going out with anyone. She remembers there was a time he put distance between them during middle school. Suddenly, she’s struck with the revelation that it might be because he’s always caring for her that she’s gotten in the way of him getting a girlfriend. She’s so busy thinking that she walks into a wall and falls to the ground. She feels uneasy because there’s a distance between them again lately and that she might be an annoyance.

Asahina discovers Mizuhara on the ground.

They’re both in a classroom and Asahina asks if Mizuhara is going home. She is. Asahina clutches a piece of paper. She tries to speak to Mizuhara about something but retracts her words, saying she’ll tell Mizuhara next time. The two leave.

Tohno is in the classroom the two were in previously. In her hand is the paper Asahina was holding previously. She stares at it unimpressed. She says even those with a good appearance are nuisances.

This is the first time I’ve summarised a manga so I’m not sure if it reads well…! I tried to stick to just using the surnames though it might be better to use Hiyori over Mizuhara?? This may also be too detailed for a summary so please let me know what you’d prefer when reading!! 

uhm the quality of the (not clean at all) images in my posts probably won’t improve too much since i’m quite unwilling to pull my book apart to scan it sorry (!!) so I’ll probably link to the chinese scans for every chapter. 

and just as additional information – Seki’s waist is 68cm laughs



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