【Merc Storia】 King of the Music World and the Caged Diva: Chp 2 Translation

Chapter 2: The Partisio of Dreams


Sorry for the wait! Every time the birds start singing I cry a little because they’re so poetic with their words and… I’m… not lol

(further present)

Yuu: Well then, we’ve got things we have to do. Since we’re staying at the same lodging, see you at night.

Merc: It seems like Forna-san’s job won’t take a while. Do go sightseeing where you please!

Forna: That so? I gotcha, then I’ll see you a little later then!

Forna: ……

Forna: fufu, fufufufu ♪

Forna: haa~! I’ve finally arrived, huh. To Partisio……!


Forna: Ah, could this be a dream? To have come to that city of dreams, oh gee, this me!

Forna: Where singing as well as dance are of first class! The echoing harmony within the city, is of the perfect pitch, golly! Even the buildings are stylish and their beautiful colors are dazzling!

Forna: But, me who comes from ‘that’ place has arrived, ya know. Put powder on my freckled face, with my best suit that can’t be seen as hand-me-downs! With this I should be able to be seen, I’m also a Partisian!

Forna: Anybirdie of us birds aspires for them, stylish, wonderful: to be one of Partisio…… Partisia……..

Partisian: fufu, look at that girl~! She gives off a country bumpkin vibe how cute~!

Partisian 2: Oh my, it’s true. Could it be her first time coming to Partisio?

Partisian: Her clothes are so last season~! Such a tiny girl trying her best to look fashionable is so charming~!

Partisian 2: If I remember correctly, that outfit seemed to be liked and worn by the divas in the previous generation.

Partisian: Ah, speaking of divas, have you heard? That ‘that’ Antel-sama is coming to Partisio!

Partisian 2: Of course I would know! Even the concert ticket for tomorrow, I’ve already got my hands on it immediately after it was settled!

Partisian: ufufu, I as well~! Whatever anyone says, It’s the first concert of a diva’s since Serena-sama’s first performance after all!

Partisian 2: Also, according to rumors, it’s not just song, but his appearance is also verrry dreamy they say!

Partisian: No way~, I am looking verrry forward to tomorrow~!

Forna: ……


Forna: At the same time I come to Partisio, on one hand divas, on the other I’m a visiting country bumpkin who exposed her countryside, huh…….

Forna: I knew it, hand-me-downs will be hand-me-downs, of course! I just want to lock myself in the lodging…..

Forna: Pi–!?

Forna: I-I’m sorr……


???: ……

Forna: A suspicious person!?

???: Q-Quiet now!

Forna: ….. Huh?

Forna: Huh!? Huh, huh, huuuuuh! Y-You’re…….

Forna: Diva Serena!

Forna: Ahh, I’m sorry! To think the one I bumped into is that warbling princess, oh gosh!

Forna: What should I do, if I happened to have injured her! beauty that the birds greatly boast about and singing voice, if I really left a scar……

Serena: As a matter of fact it’s precisely as you say but, you’re lucky, that is you did not damage my beautifulness. It’s just……

Forna: Just……?

Serena: ….. There is something I request of you. As an apology for bumping into me, might you accompany me?

Forna: Y-Yes! Of course, if it’s something possible of me…..

Serena: I am glad to receive such a pleasant response. Now then, Let us go. To my estate.

Forna: Yes!

Forna: ……

Forna: ….. Estate?


Scene Change

Ornishia: Sorry, having you guys help me out on my personal affair. Even though me and you guys’ only connection is that we’re employed by the same caravan.

Ornishia: But you guys saved me the trouble, thanks.

Merc: But that’s still a connection. Besides sightseeing, there isn’t anything in particular we had to do. That’s why it’s perfectly fine!

Yuu: Not to mention, Partisio is quite vast. Before I knew it, it seems like we got lost. I didn’t think we would be this far off from our aimed destination.

Ornishia: Oh well. Once we find someone who we can have guide us, we’ll probably be able to arrive at our aimed destination……..

Yuu: Ornishia-san?

Ornishia: I hear a voice.

Yuu: Eh? ….. Ah it’s true. It’s coming from here.

Merc: We might be able to ask that person the path. Let’s go and try!


Young Man: —-♪

Young Man: ….?

Young Man: ….!

Ornishia: Ah, my bad. Were you in the middle of singing practice? That was impolite of m…..

Young Man: Ah no, I don’t mind. That’s well…. I’m a bit embarrassed though.

Young Man: Same here, sorry for startling you. I didn’t think anyone besides me came here.

Merc: Myu, actually about that……. The truth is, we got lost~!

Young Man: I see, thought so. Where did you want to go?

Ornishia: This place that appears on this pamphlet but…….

Young Man: This is…… Ahh, the complete opposite direction. Unfortunately, if you’re starting right now, you won’t make it in time for the appointed time.

Ornishia: Wha……!

Yuu: Kuh, Sorry, Ornishia-san! If only I hadn’t said I felt like it was ‘right’ that time!

Ornishia: No, I’m more at fault, if only I hadn’t said there’s no doubt it’s ‘right’ when I felt that pleasant wind blowing right…..

Merc: It can’t be helped that we won’t make it. Let’s give up for today, and tomorrow, Go that way once again.

Ornishia: Right…..

Young Man: Um…… If it’s fine, tomorrow, should I guide you guys up till there?

Ornishia: I’m thankful for that but…. Don’t you have plans too?

Young Man: In any case, I just planned on practicing singing, guiding you guys isn’t just anything though. Besides, just letting you guys go, is well……

Yuu: I feel the exact same concern so, sorry but please do……

Ornishia: Yeah…. Sorry, I’m not used to walking around this complicated city.

Young Man: It’s no problem, don’t worry about it. Now then, where should our meeting place be tomorrow…..

Yuu: B-before that!

Young Man: …..?

Merc: Could you please show us the way back……


Scene Change (further present)

Forna: ……

Serena: First, how about a cup of tea? It seems like good ingredients for the throat were put in; it’s the craze in Partisio lately.

Forna: S-Shanks for the drink!

Serena: Please help yourself to a cinnamon sugar stick as well.

Forna: That is quite courteous…..

Forna: (ababababa……..! Is this a dream!? Or reality!?)

Forna: (I, I, right now, am in Diva Selena’s estate! The residence that is said that no one but someone recognized as a diva can live in adjoined with the Partisio opera house……!)

Forna: (hiiiii, If Toto knew about this she’d faint, oh gosh~!  Ababa, I think I might too…..!)

Serena: …..

Serena: Now then, Umm…… I’m sorry, what might you be called?

Forna: Fo-Forna!

Serena: I see, Forna-san. I am not too fond of idle talk so, I will get straight to the point on what I am about to say.

Serena: What I want to request of you is to act as my voice substitute.


t/n: Now that I think about it I actually think I got some of the timeline confused so I might switch around things until I finish translating everything oops I’m sorry about that

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