【Merc Storia】 King of the Music World and the Caged Diva: Chp 3 Translation

Chapter 3: Love’s Chirp


Forna: S-substitute…..?

Serena: Yes. What I am saying is I want you to sing in my place. I want you to pretend to be my voice.

Forna: S-so what you’re saying is, umm…… You’re going to pretend to be singing and I’m going to match up with your lip syncing…..?

Serena: Yes.

Forna: Ehh!?

Forna: B-but why……? I mean, Serena-san is a warbling princess recognized as a diva, even from the first live to be made to perform as such a wonderful singing voice……

Serena: That is not something necessary to know, is it not? The answer which I seek from you is either a “yes” or a “no.”

Forna: Th-That is……

Forna: (More like, there’s no way I can refuse a direct request of a diva, oh gosh!)

Forna: Y-yes’um……

Serena: Well, I’m glad. Thank you, I’m grateful.

Serena: Now then, that’s the end of this conversation. Please go ask about the details from Rupie.

Forna: Heh!? U-um, But I, I’ve got no song at all, I’m inexperienced…


???: Even beautiful singing nightingales start out with an awful singing voice, you know.

Forna: Y-You are…….

???: Hey, nice to meet you, Miss Forna.

Rupie: As for introductions…. I haven’t taken care of that yet, I’m Rupie.

Rupie: I work as a diva producer, an entertainer! Sometimes I do tap dancing, occasionally a composer! And then and then, starting today I’ll be the man who will be your singing instructor.

Forna: Instructor….. Earlier, Serena-san said to ask about the details…..

Forna: Wait, huh!? Serena-san disappeared!?

Rupie: If you’re talking about her she left everything to me and went out. Well, don’t mind her too much. Divas have their diva concerns after all.

Forna: But…. The Serena-san who addressed me wants me to……?

Rupie: Oh? You haven’t noticed yet? Your voice is pretty similar to hers. To think she’d find someone with this much outstanding talent!

Rupie: Ah, of course, I mean outstanding talent as her voice substitute though. Don’t take that as something offensive, I have a policy to never lie.

Forna: H-haa….. But golly is someone like me really fit for this….?

Forna: I’ve got no experience, my singing voice is average….. Shucks besides my voice, I don’t really have any good points. I mean even my looks are…….

Rupie: Woah there. If I’m told that, there’s no way this me can just stay quiet. Whatever what you say, I’m a producer-♪

Rupie: I will argue away common sense and traditions as if it were a battle; it’s my job to see that no matter what the speckle, it’ll change into polka dots!

Rupie: No matter the freckles under the powder, no matter the old fashion dress, if this me does the production, I’ll turn the tables in one go, to something charming!

Rupie: There’s makeup for fake freckles being sold, an old trendy dress is retro cute, it’s this season’s cutting-edge fashion!

Forna: Eh, Eh!?

Rupie: Things like fads, things like being charming are those things. The beauties right now, were considered unattractive way back in the past after all.

Rupie: You know, true beauty is nothing but something that is within our instincts and hearts. That’s why anyone can become cute or beautiful.

Rupie: That’s right, even you!

Forna: Hee–!

Rupie: Your lovely points, if it’s this me, I can perfectly bring it out of you.

Rupie: Even someone called extraordinarily ordinary as you, if you work with this me you can shine as bright as a crow that’s lost its backbone.

Forna: Ru-Rupie-san…..

Rupie: However….. I’m your coach right now after all. And who I’m being employed by is Lady Serena. With good sense please obediently lend your beak.

Rupie: Now be at ease, Lady Forna! I’ll see to it that you become a first rate warbling princess!

Rupie: It’s fine, for I’ve gotten actual results. Raising one into a diva that is.

Rupie: That accent, as well as that lack of confidence, if you put it side by side it’s something quite cute. After that the only problem left is time and motivation.

Rupie: Now then, Miss Forna! Have the resolve and courage to become Lady Forna……

Rupie: And well, all those other things, do you feel you can have faith and leave it to me?

Forna: U-um….

Rupie: Certainly, there are things you won’t achieve with effort alone. However, with just effort there are things you can achieve. I want to help you shine.

Forna: ……

Forna: Ah, Rupie-san. My answer is…..

Forna: YES!

Rupie: BRAVO!

Scene Change (further present)


Forna: fun, fufufun…… ♪ Ah, if this is a dream don’t wake me up. To be told such things, this me.

Forna: My song and dance are to the extent average. When I think about my voice that’s praised, it only comes in second. Even my appearance, is a face full of freckles, with clothes that are hand-me-downs.

Forna: But even so, that kind of me was told! Even someone like me can become cute!

Forna: rurururu ♪

Forna: Can you hear love’s chirp? This rhythm I’ve never heard before has my pulse throbbing at an unsteady fast rate.

Forna: I get it, that is the sound of his footsteps. To him, they’re just footsteps. However, to me they’re the first chirps.

Forna: I want to answer it, that rhythm. I want to be answered, by that rhythm.

Forna: I get it, that I’m very simple. That it’s nothing special to him. However, to me those words hold weight.

Forna: I want to sing, with the same weight. I want to you to listen, with the same weight.

Forna: Can you hear love’s chirp? Up till now, this rhythm I’ve never felt before is urging on my feelings.

Forna: It’s telling me to take flight to the lesson, to love.

Scene Change (further present)


Forna: funfufun~

Forna: Hm…..?

Ornishia: So that guys finally…… being invited…..

Yuu: …… Tomorrow…. At, -sio’s opera house…..

Merc: …… The promised…..

Forna: (It’s Ornishia-san and Yuu….. I can’t really hear from here but…. Promise? Opera house…..?)

Yuu: Oh, Forna-san?

Forna: howah!

Merc: So Forna-san has come back to the lodgings as well~!

Yuu: Speaking of which, how was the sightseeing?

Forna: That’s right, huh! I met someone you’d be completely surpr–…..

Forna: ….

Merc: W-what’s wrong? You suddenly covered your mouth….

Forna: A-ahaha….! Golly, everyone was so stylish I was utterly surprised~! And uhh….

Forna: shucks I’m tired from the sightseeing, I think I’ll go rest now, yeah~!

Yuu: F-Forna-san!?

Forna: Haa, Haah……

Forna: That was close, I was just about to say it, gee…..! I have to keep the thing about Serena-san a secret….. If the word gets out that a diva like her is lip syncing…..

Forna: …….But, I wonder why lip syncing. Like, I’ve heard that Serena-san possesses a beautiful singing voice. She shouldn’t have any need to lip sync.

Forna: Could there be a reason why she can’t sing…..?

Forna: ………. Er, I was told by Serena-san to not poke my beak at this.

Forna: This is just a chance to sing in Serena-san’s place. I was told they don’t know when it will happen though…..

Forna: haa~……….. Gosh, It’s an honor but I’m pretty anxious about whether I’m fit for this.

Forna: But…. Fufu, fufufufu~! When I have lessons I can see that person~!

Forna: kyaaah~! Oh stop that me, I’ll end up chirping again~!

Merc: Fo-Forna-san is shaking her head and arms while running off…..

Yuu: Maybe something good happened…. Let’s just leave it at that.

t/n: this isn’t anything too important but when they mention “beak” it’s just the bird way of saying mouth. So basically “keep your mouth shut”sort of deal but since they’re birds… yeah!

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