【Merc Storia】 The Tomboy Fairy and the Dragon that Feasts on Spring: Chp 1 Translation

Chapter 1: Sarodia of Spring’s Hill


I decided to start on the Fairy Kingdom’s event story since I’ve been wanting to reread it for awhile now while I’m still free so why not kill two birds with one stone? But I’m gonna take a break from the 2nd Animal Kingdom event story (sorry about that;;)

Gramps: Ehh- and like that, the magical sword was obtained by King Claudius who defeated the dragon who became wicked.

Gramps: He went around the desolated hill, sprinkling water, bestowing blessings, bringing forth sprouting, and going on a long journey.

Gramps: Before long, the land visited by that king once again resurrected, and became land that continued to flower.

Gramps: There’s no doubt it turned out like that!

Gramps: This Spring’s Hill that we live on as well, had once before been a vast land covered in sadness, a faltering hill that’s plants had completely withered.


Gramps: P-Princess!?


Sarodia: Geeze, this is so boring-! Day after day of nothing but history lessons! That story from long ago has got nothing to do with me!

Sarodia: To begin with, that story is just a mere legend, we don’t even know if it’s real or not, right?

Gramps: Even if those who know the meaning were to disappear, it is something that contains some kind of meaning for those who it is being passed down to, princess.

Gramps: Also, what’s most important is not whether it is real, but that there are people who think that it is real.

Gramps: Since you will also eventually succeed the Queen, learning about such a legend as this will surely become something to help understand the peop…….

Sarodia: …….

Gramps: And so, as the queen of this Spring’s Hill, you should posses self-awareness……

Sarodia: Yeah, you’re right…… I was wrong.

Sarodia: I still can’t use my powers as good as my mother can, I definitely have to study more.

Gramps: O-Ohh…… Princess……! To think that the princess herself would say she needs to study…..!

Gramps: At last, your self-awareness as queen has been born……! This old man is happily thinking about the princess’ growth…..!

Gramps: There’s no mistake that, just like your highness, the day your powers awaken is not too far in the future! All seeds hold something within after all.

Sarodia: Ok then I’ll have to study for that, right? That’s why for today….. Rather than the legend, I want to hear the continuation of yesterday’s story.

Sarodia: There was a part I didn’t really understand so I want to know more……

Saroida: Uh-mm, what was it called again? That thing about the feeling indebted to the king from several eras ago for being saved……

Gramps: Ohh, you mean the story about the Sugarol family and the Grandol family? Of course! What is it that you might like to ask more about?

Sarodia: U-Um……

Sarodia: About why those two families are on bad terms! I mean, why it turned out that way in the first place is an important, isn’t it?

Gramps: P-Princess! You actually remembered what grandpa taught you!

Gramps: That’s right, Just as I always tell you, there is always a cause for everything.

Gramps: Without knowing that, making decisions would, in some cases, end up living with great sorrows and paying the price after all.

Gramps: Now then, allow me to go get the map. As for why those two families do not get along, knowing the land where they lived and where the accident happened is…….

Gramps: mm? Let me see, Just where did it go yesterday…..

Sarodia: Maybe it’s within the bookshelves?

Gramps: That may be so. I will go look for it a bit, so please wait a bit princess.

Sarodia: Yeees.

Sarodia: ……

Sarodia: Now then……

Gramps: Speaking of which

Sarodia: Y-Yes?

Gramps: Did I tell you about how Sugarol is a family of loyalty and Grandol is a family of cowardice?

Sarodia: N-Not yet I think!

Gramps: Oh, is that so? Well then, I’ll have to talk about this first then, won’t I?

Sarodia: Eh!

Gramps: Ready? Sugarol possesses a strong sense of duty and are said to return the favor without fail.

Gramps: Also, each one of them themselves primarily will devote themselves to who they think as worthy but, being approved by them is rather rare…..

Sarodia: Ah, I think I’ve heard that before! That’s why you should look for the ma……

Gramps: Is that so? Now then, next is the cowardice Grandols.

Gramps: To begin with, why were they known as cowards?

Gramps: When the opportunity for the two families to break up appeared, it is said that the Grandols ran off, but it is unknown whether that is the truth……

Sarodia: WAAAH!

Sarodia: Amazing I remembered! I remembered so I want to hear the rest while you look for the map!

Gramps: Ohh, Then I will immediately go search for the map then.

Sarodia: Ah-, and while you’re at it, I reaaally want to read a history book that I could use for reference!

Gramps: P-Princess! You’ve really become passionate about your studies! Of course I’ll look!

Sarodia: Please do!

Gramps: That being said, the letters that have come to record history are just now something of recently so, let’s see…..

Sarodia: ……

Sarodia: Just as planned……!

Sarodia: Now then, while gramps isn’t here…….


???: Sarodia?

Sarodia: M-Mother!? W-Wh-Why are you in this room……

Queen: I’ve heard that lately you’ve been running away from your lessons so I came to check up on you but…. It seems to be the truth.

Sarodia: Well that’s cause history is totally uninteresting. Rather than that, I want to study how to use the power of spring like mother!

Queen: I said it before, didn’t I? This can only be learned through nothing but on one’s own.

Queen: You must know a variety of things. With growth, you will be able to use it naturally. That is why you should properly listen to what Grandpa tells you……

Sarodia: You’re alwaaays like that, mother! That no matter what, I’m just a child, you’re just deceiving me aren’t you!

Sarodia: Well I’m not gonna do as you want anymore-!

Gramps: Oh my, your highness, what might b…..

Gramps: P-Princess!?

Sarodia: Hmph! If you aren’t gonna teach me how to use my powers then it’s much better to go out and play!

Gramps: Princess, you plan on skipping again? Please wait!

Gramps: You’ve still got on the tiara that has the Queens symbol, what’s less, are you not even carrying the charm I gave you!

Sarodia: That thing isn’t cute so I don’t want to!

Sarodia: Now then, since I’ve already gone on adventures around this area maybe I should go a little more farther today~?

Gramps: You mustn’t! Although the monsters in this area have been soothed, if by chance something happened what should I do!

Sarodia: Nooo waaay! If you wanna stop me then how about catching me? If you don’t use your wings now and then they’ll wither up, you know?

Sarodia: Well then, see ya!

Gramps: Princess! Princessss!

Gramps: Ah….. I am very sorry, your highness.

Queen: It’s fine. I know your worries very well. Besides, that child’s wings won’t be able to fly too far now.

Queen: However…… Nonetheless, from what I’ve learned, that child is quite unmanageable.

Scene Change


Sarodia: Seriously, Gramp’s talks are so long, and he scolds a lot…..

Sarodia: It’s not like where ever those families are’s relationships or the king from the past have anything to do with me. Other than that, I wanted to do something more interesti……

Sarodia: kyah!?


Sarodia: I-it was a frog…..

Sarodia: Geeze, don’t surprise me…..

Sarodia: At any rate, this forest…..

Sarodia: It’s my first time coming here but it’s kinda creepy. What do I do if there’s a spider…..

Sarodia: Ye-Yeah right…..! T-There’s no way there’s one.

Sarodia: …. Hm? What’s this……? A sword stuck in a rock. That’s weird…..

Sarodia: Ah, There’s a little space where it’s stuck in, if I pull a bit I could probably pull it out.

Sarodia: One, two!

Sarodia: Ungh!

Sarodia: Wah!?

Sarodia: I pulled it out~! Ah, this dagger, it’s got a flower pattern engraved on it! How cute!

Sarodia: Wawawawah!?

Sarodia: What was that wind just now~…… Not to mention some kinda fog……

Sarodia: ……? There’s black fog coming out from the place the dagger was stuck in……?


Sarodia: T-This seems kinda bad……

Sarodia: awawawa…… I-I, didn’t see anything…..!



t/n:  じいや(jiiya) actually translates to something like old man servant but it’s also kind of an affectionate term so I decided to go with “gramps” but he’s not related to Sarodia or the Queen by blood! I think usually everyone calls old men they know grandpa (I think?? at least I do) but leaving this note here just in case.
Also I’m actually not sure how to romanize most of their names so (merusuto staff pls give us the romanizations alreaaady) I may change them…. I’m sorry about that–

 Chapter 2: Flower Crown and the Black Fog →


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