【Merc Storia】 The Tomboy Fairy and the Dragon that Feasts on Spring: Chp 2 Translation

Chapter 2: Flower Crown and the Black Fog


Merc: Spring is… Being eaten!?

Gramps: There is no doubt that’s what is happening.

Gramps: For you two to have come while the black fog has yet to entirely cover the land, it must be hard to imagine…..

Yuu: Does that matter have something to do with why you called us to this castle?

Gramps: Yes……

Gramps: Actually, when we heard that you guys had gone ahead and come to this land, the reason why we quickly sent a messenger was……

Queen: Allow me to talk about the details.

Gramps: Your highness……! To leave your post is bad for your health!

Gramps: Even though you are keeping the black fog in check, even though you are exhausting all of your power you…..!

Queen: This amount is nothing to be of concern. To us, we are greatly in debt to soothers. I want to show them my courtesy.

Queen: Welcome, you’ve come to Spring’s Hill you two.


Floralida: I am the Queen of this hill of spring, Floralida. I am someone who grants the power to sprout seeds, to wash away the stagnant water. I welcome your visit to the Fairy Kingdom.

Yuu: Thank you very much……

Floralida: By all means, I would like to prepare a gathering of celebration ahead of time but…..

Floralida: As of now, Spring’s Hill is…… No, the Fairy Kingdom is currently facing a crisis. Well, about that black fog that eats spring……

Merc: If I remember correctly, I heard that grandpa had called us to this castle due to that matter.

Merc: In the first place, what exactly do you mean by “spring is being eaten?”

Gramps: That is…… I am not sure of the details myself.

Gramps: That fog suddenly appeared around half a month ago near the hill’s forest.

Gramps: If the first person to discover it had not let us know, we may have not made it in time to protect this hill with the Queen’s powers.

Floralida: That person, they warned me about the danger while shivering as if they were touched by the freezing winter.

Floralida: According to his story, it appears the moment when touched by that fog, the flowers immediately withered, the vegetation withered, and the water began to run dry.

Floralida: It’s as if spring is being stolen away……

Gramps: Your highness, who had heard of this, then was made to somehow protect the hill with her powers from the black fog.

Gramps: However, that fog is not only spreading on this land but throughout everywhere. Also, people are beginning to say that they have seen the figure of a dragon from where the black fog is.

Gramps: Surely it is the same figure of the wicked dragon that is spoken of on this land.

Yuu: The– wicked dragon?

Floralida: In the legend, it was said to be clad in the black fog, carrying off the spring of this land.

Floralida: And then, it was said that the one who defeated that wicked dragon was our ancestor, King Claudius.

Merc: Certainly, it’s precisely the exact same situation……

Merc: That being said, if we don’t defeat the dragon that means the black fog will not clear up?

Floralida: That is likely. However…… At this point, we cannot find a way to defeat that wicked dragon.

Merc: B-But in that legend……

Floralida: Right. In the legend, holding the magic sword, he defeated the wicked dragon.

Floralida: But, we still do not know the whereabouts of that magic sword or whether it even exists in the first place.

Yuu: So then…… Are you saying you want us to do something about that dragon?

Floralida: …… I know very well of the soother’s power.

Floralida: Which is why if there was a soother, I thought that perhaps we could soothe the dragon, subduing the black fog.

Floralida: …… However.

Floralida: Now, I understand. Why I called you here was not to send you off on a dangerous journey.

Yuu: Eh?

Floralida: It was in order to return you to the human kingdom.

Floralida: I may have been chasing after the trace of a soother I had once met.

Floralida: For me that was a child, that soother was…… That person was too tremendous of a person after all.

Floralida: However, you are different. You are still a pupa that should be protected.

Floralida: How could I send youth such as that into a deathly situation?

Floralida: Even now, just as the time that person returned the favor.

Floralida: Just like how that person had once saved this land from the monsters’ menace, I will save you from this black fog.

Yuu: Queen…..

Yuu: Er, that’s, you’re saying that I don’t seem as reliable as you thought so you can’t rely on me, right…..!?

Floralida: To put it frankly, that’s correct.

Yuu: K-Knew it……

Yuu: But then…… What will happen to this kingdom?

Floralida: That is…..

Floralida: Something you needn’t worry about. Please leave the rest to the adults. We will, without fail, strike down that dragon once again and show that we will protect this kingdom.

Floralida: Which is why you must hurry……


Yuu: P-Please wait!

Floralida: ……

Yuu: I certainly may not seem reliable but… Even so, I am a soother.

Merc: That’s right! Besides, I cannot pretend nothing’s happened when the Fairy Kingdom is in a pinch!

Floralida: ……

Floralida: …… Soothers, it may be because all of them possess a heart such as that that they are able to soothe……

Floralida: Now, I can see the look of that person from you. You also breathe with the same compassionate heart as that person.

Yuu: ……

Floralida: There is no longer anything I can say to you. For I hold no words to impede your determination.

Floralida: What I can do is only sprinkle water onto your flower, bestowing you light.

Floralida: Queen……

Floralida: Come a bit closer here you two.

Yuu: Uh, Y-Yes……

Merc: Just what…..

Floralida: Now focus steadily. From now, you will continue on a journey of hardships.

Floralida: A chilly winter will come your way. But, you must never forget. The flower within your heart.

Floralida: Even if there are times you shiver from the coldness, even if you feel lost in the darkness, that flower that was sprinkled by someone with water, bestowed with light, will surely lead the way.

Floralida: And even so, if there is a time a strong wind breaks off your stem, close your eyes and await the day you rise again.

Floralida: With a hand that grows numb from the coldness, someone who will shield and protect you from the wind, someone who will bring forth spring’s cheerfulness once more, will surely appear.

Floralida: May you two have spring’s blessings. With this flower crown may you both bring forth spring.

Floralida: Now then, please accept it with those hearts.

Merc: My!? Floating above Yuu-san’s head is a golden flower crown!

Yuu: Merc’s too!?

Yuu: …..! It became a seed of light now crumbling……

Merc: It was a flower crown made of light….. It’s a shame it crumbled up…..

Merc: But, somehow when I feel these seeds of light, it sparkles and I get a warm feeling~!

Floralida: The role of the queen of spring is to offer blessings to those who wish for spring. The blessings you both received will surely protect you from the black fog.

Floralida: However, if you continue to come in contact with the fog, the power will eventually be pushed out. For that reason, it is still best to pass through land that has not yet been covered by the fog.

Merc: Understood! Thank you~!

Gramps: You should have someone to guide you up until the welled-up lake where the dragon is. This old man will go along with you.

Merc & Yuu: Eh…..

Gramps: Even though I may appear like this, I used to go on adventures flying around from here and there. I have confidence in my skill! There isn’t a place I have, not see…..

Gramps: UGOH!?

Merc: …… W-We’ll just thank your consideration.

Gramps: G-gramps can still tr…….

Floralida: Grandpa.

Gramps: Your highness…… For the princess’ sake, I will help with clearing the black fog…….

Floralida: It’s because you think of that child like that that I want you to be with Sarodia.

Floralida: That child is…… so frightened by the black fog that she’s locked herself up in her room……

Gramps: Your highness……

Gramps: …… I understand…… I’m sorry, you two. I had wanted to be of help but……

Yuu: N-No it’s……

Gramps: Gramps will pray together with the princess for the safety of you two in this castle…… Please, may the both of yours journey be guided by spring.

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