【Merc Storia】 The Tomboy Fairy and the Dragon that Feasts on Spring: Chp 3 Translation

Chapter 3: Grasp the Dagger


This chapter is so much shorter than the last two thank god (I won’t be sleeping at 5am today lol)

Sarodia: ……

Sarodia: That fog…… I knew it, it’s probably my fault…… Cause I pulled out this dagger……

Sarodia: B-But, surely someone will do something about it.

Sarodia: That’s right, after all I don’t have power like mother, nor is there anything I can do.

Sarodia: In the first place, we don’t know if it’s really my fault! Even if I didn’t pull it out, someone else might pull it out!

Sarodia: That’s why…… This has nothing to do with m……

???: Princess?

Sarodia: Gramps……

Gramps: Princess, I will be entering.

Sarodia: Don’t! Didn’t I say to leave me alone?

Gramps: Princess…… There is something I would like to tell you today.

Sarodia: Something you want to tell me?

Gramps: Actually this morning, a soother and his friend had come here from a human kingdom but it looks like they are going on a journey to where that wicked dragon is in order to clear the black fog.

Sarodia: ….. Soo… ther?

Gramps: A human that possess the power to soothe monsters. If it’s them, I am certain they will clear away this fog.

Gramps: That is why, princess. You needn’t worry for before long, the fog will clear and we can continue our peaceful days again.

Gramps: Moreover, do you remember the charm grandpa gave you before?

Gramps: Grandpa casted a special kind of magic on that charm so as long as you have it with you, you will not be in harm’s way.

Sarodia: …… Really?

Gramps: Yes, really!

Sarodia: If that’s true then……

Sarodia: Then, It’ll definitely be fine…..!

Sarodia: That’s right, even if I don’t worry, that soother do something about it!

Sarodia: Gramps! I want to eat sweets made from gathered flower petals along with tea filled with a lot of honey!

Sarodia: Prepare it with the best sweetness please!

Gramps: Ohh! Princess! It seems you have regained your liveliness……!

Gramps: You had been locking yourself up in your room so this grandpa had no time to feel at ease……

Sarodia: yeah yeah! Its cause grandpa told mother not to scold me about this.

Sarodia: Anyways, I’m suuuper hungry now! Hurry up and prepare it!

Gramps: That’s right!

Gramps: Well then, this grandpa will go running at full speed and inform them, please wait a bit!

Sarodia: Okaaay!

Sarodia: …… Even though it’d be faster to fly. Gramps sure is stubborn about the strangest things, huh.

Sarodia: At any rate, if some human that’s a soother is here, they should have come here sooner. Then I wouldn’t have had to worry this much.

Sarodia: Speaking of which, this dagger, what should I do with it…… I ended up carrying it back with me but I wonder if I should throw it away……

Sarodia: But this lily of the valley pattern engraved on it is suuuper pretty….. It’d be such a waste to throw it away, besides……

Sarodia: If pulling it out really is the cause, if it turned out like this…… This might be some important thing for something……

Sarodia: ……

Sarodia: That black fog…… Just remembering it gives me the creeps…… I wonder if that human that’s a soother and his friend are really ok……

Sarodia: I should make someone else hold onto this dagger……

Sarodia: That’s no good, if I did that they’ll end up finding out I pulled it out……

Sarodia: …… If it’s just for a bit. It’ll be fine…… That soother and his friend should still be passing by somewhere where spring is still there.

Sarodia: If I immediately hand it over then come back to the castle, I can get it over with without having to pass through places covered by the black fog. After that, the soother and his friend will do something about it.

Sarodia: Once I hand over the dagger, it’ll no longer have anything to do with me.

Sarodia: ….. Let’s go.

Sarodia: Ah…… Gramp’s charm……

Sarodia: ……

Sarodia: It’s ugly but….. It’s better than nothing.

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