【Ensemble Stars】 Beware of the Magician: Natsume Sakasaki Intro Story Translation


Long time no post! Sorry about that I got seriously distracted by mystic messenger, shironeko, and closers online T_T
Sorry it’s not merc storia but I just had to translate this because asdfkjlk Natsume knows too much about Subaru!!

Also its formatted differently because I’m lazy ww

Scenario: 日日日 Time: Spring


Yahoo, transfer student! It’s P.E. class, huh. Let’s pair up☆

Let’s do body weight exercises and then play catch ball! Here, here I’ll put the glove on for you!

It’s the most tiniest size there is but it feels “just right” for you☆

Yup, it’s because today’s lesson is “baseball!” Since idols participate in season-opening ceremonies, there’s no harm in learning how to throw a ball, right☆

Well, it’s different from dance lessons since it seems like the main focus of P.E. is to build up body strength~

That’s why while it’s fine not to make a bi~g deal out of it, I’m just happy I can play catch ball with everyone☆

But for some reason, it looks like everyone’s embarrassed of having skinship with a girl~

Transfer student, when it’s P.E. class you’re always left out when pairing up

That’s why you and I should pair up!

You’re also a fellow member of 2nd year class A after all. Being the only one discriminated*……. I mean, I doubt you’re being left out from our comrades or anything like that!



Talking on and on one-sidedly about only what you have to say sure is a bad habit of Yours

It would be nice if you asked for her opinion Too. You’re supposed to consider waiting for her reaction at Least.

This transfer student little kitten isn’t a doll that can’t think for herself after All

Well on one hand you can’t get a clue, but on the other hand an isolated prodigy such as Yourself……

That part of you that shows concern is quite fascinating and I think that’s worth being commended For


Hm? “Natsume’s” voice is coming from somewhere, where are you~! Come ou~t, we’ve got you completely surrounded!


I’m not being surrounded, “Baru-kun”


Mm~, there’s a voice but I can’t see him! Could it be that? It’s another one of his tricks! Transfer student, do you know where Natsume is?

I wonder if you’ve met him before, he’s sort of a shady guy

Hm? He’s right above me? Ah, if that’s the case then he’s on top of this cherry blossom tree!?


Ahaha……♪ I can’t tell if you’re perceptive or just Slow, you really are a strange Kid


Woah, he’s right in front of me! Since when!?


Heya long time no see, Natsume. You came to school? Even though we’re finally in the same class I hadn’t seen your face even once so I was lonely~☆


Don’t cling onto Me, how Sweltering……. As usual you’re using plenty of body Language, although it’s a great deal of unnecessary Movement


Ahaha~ As usual I don’t get a thing you’re saying☆

Hm? What is it, transfer student?

Ahh, me and this guy have been friends since the time we were first years! Right~ Natsume♪


We aren’t Friends. Although as an observation subject, you’re, at most, Fascinating…… Baru-kun♪


Ummm, can you stop calling me “Baru-kun?” It’s sort of giving me the chills!


Well this is quite an odd thing to Say. Aren’t you the one who gives nicknames like “Hokke~” or “Ukki~” to Whoever?

It’s a breach of manners when you do it to others while you yourself don’t like it being done to You

It’s fine for you to close the distance but I wonder if you find it difficult to deal with others when you’re the one being Pursued


Hmm? Sorry, I kinda don’t get what you mean by that~?



Y͙̠̠o̗͍̩̠̩̹͇u’̯̯̬̺̮͕̘re̙̥͇̲̳̟ ̮̣̥̬̩̳̫a̹ ̥̼l̩͖̮i͓̠̭͔̱̼̣ar̖͙̱



…… Ah, I got it! Natsume, you want me to give you a nickname, right? If that’s the case you should’ve said so~

It’s because you keep saying a bunch of things that don’t make sense that your feelings don’t reach at all


This way of speaking is on “Purpose,” everyone really should know that language has the power to influence Others

Especially since we’re Idols and all

Within that remark dwells Power. As for everyday words, if you don’t pay mind to them, you’ll lose face in front of the Camera


J͙̬̯̰̭us͎̬̮̲̟̰t̼̰̹͖ ̬l̘i͇k̹̹͔͚̥̳̭e̬ y̹͈͓̬o̗̫u̺̠͍̳̝r̬̩̦̱ ̳̗̞f͙̜͉a̤̺̮t̝͙̲͔͚̟he͓̩r̠̦͚͇̞


Don’t talk about dad…… Or more like, you’ve been chattering on pointlessly to avoid the topic, huh!

Hold on, I’m gonna try to remember why I’m here in the first place!


Ahaha, are you talking about Philosophy?


Quiet! Ah, that’s right, I was thinking of pairing up with transfer student in P.E. class so I called her here! Pair up with me, transfer student!

Or unless. Could it be you’ve already paired up with Natsume? If that’s the case, I’ll stop?


Ahaha♪ Despite being the type to easily become lonely, you always end up taking a step back when it’s crucial, Huh

Since you’re a boy like the Sun, could it be you’re weary of burning others to death with your Heat*?


Yoou, don’t analyze me! It’s creepy!


I’m Sorry, I don’t have any ill Intentions. It’s a bad habit of Mine. You and I aren’t friends but…… It’s not like I want you to hate me Either?

Since it’s a rare case for someone like you, who is like the embodiment of kindness, to loathe and feel discomfort towards someone…… That in itself is quite Fascinating


Uwaah, don’t look at me with those eyes that look like they’re looking at an experimental animal!

Its times like these when Natsume says icky things and stuff that I want others to keep their distance!

So if that’s the case, you’re chasing me away, huh! I won’t fall for it, let’s play baseball together, baseball! Here, change into this gym uniform☆


Nn~ When my tricks are noticed they’re hard to Do. Working out tactics for baseball is amusing but having to actually do it myself is a Pain.

If I have the time for that, reading a book would be much more Worthwhile

That being said, in this kind of situation……

Baru-kun would make me take off my clothes, then forcibly have me change into a gym uniform. I don’t want to embarrass myself in the face of the public.


I’ll go change Obediently. See you, Good Night…..♪


Ah, you’re planning on escaping! I can tell! Changing is a downright lie, you’re planning on skipping and going somewhere else!

Transfer student, capture him! Don’t let him get away!


How scary, it’s not like you’re a police dog chasing down a Criminal…… Give me a Break

I may be good at both exercising and studying But, I’ll decide how I spend my time Myself. Little kitten, Save me~♪


Aah, transfer student froze after being told “capture him” and “save me” at the same time!

Transfer student is no good with those kinds of two option problems so please stop it?


Yup, I’ll use that Little kitten’s disposition to run Away



Wait~! You should match everyone’s pace once in a while, Natsume~!


Ahaha, to think the day you would tell me that has Come. It’s just as Wataru-niisan says, life seems to be filled with Amazing……♪

1)when Subaru talks about “discriminating” the word he uses is 特別あつかい which is usually translated as “special treatment” however from my interpretation I found discriminating to fit better (albeit the connotation is a bit too strong but w/e) with what he says after /EVENT STORY SPOILERS/since Subaru was ostracized by his classmates when he was a first year/END SPOILERS/ so the reason why he pauses and rephrases what he says is because, more than likely, he was referring to his past (basically it started sounding like he thought she was being isolated but he didn’t mean for it to sound that way)

2)Although I think most of you know this but when Natsume talks about Subaru’s “heat” it’s really referring to his passion and enthusiasm (zeal?) which some of the others have found to be hard to keep up with

Anyways….. ((89 screaming in the bg



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