Hi welcome to our translation/summary dump blog! We translate Japanese stuff when we’re bored.

Station Masters

Hi, you can call me 89 and text in this lavender color are written by me! My Japanese is actually pretty terrible but for those of you who are desperate I’ll try my best at translating. I’m mostly into games or more specifically phone games at the moment so you’ll probably see a lot of those posts by me. I also like to read manga and light novels so I’ll possibly translate those as well. I listen to a lot of Japanese songs too so I’ll translate songs from games, anime, vocaloid, and utaite. I’m kinda just into a lot of things so….. yeah!

hello!! I’m 83 and everything teal is by me I suppose?? This is my attempt at practising my Japanese (tho it’s pretty bad laughs) but i’ll try my best..! I like gintama and mafumafu lots///